Our Objectives

Benevolence Center

The impoverished children of Ethiopia succumb daily to the cycle of hunger, sickness, and spiritual starvation on the streets of Addis Ababa. Every day, Grace for All receives them in and provides fresh water, bathrooms, housing, food, clothing, education, and spiritual formation for over 200 children.Each child receives 3 meals a day and provided with the opportunity to go to school. When not in school, Grace for All provides a safe place to be mentored, play, and just be a kid!

The children are encouraged to learn and know about GOD to reach life’s fullest potential. 100% of each $250 sponsorship is spent on the children. Less than 5% of total funds raised is used for administration.

Medical Mission

Grace For All has assisted over 65 children receive medical help in the United States over the years. In 2003 alone, 12 children were helped.

“The Lord has been our provider, our protector, our refuge, our strength, our guidance, our director and our fountain of life.”

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